After a while, not being able to paint, I decided to finish this pice : Like most pictures I do this time, there was no sketch for this one. Unfortunately, I did no earlier picture of this painting. I just forget about that, while I am painting šŸ™  Have to think about next timeā€¦ I did … More Dreamwalk

Working with No-TanĀ“s – value-scetches

I just found an old blog-entry of mine from 2013… The words ā€œNo-Tanā€ come from the traditional japanese art and mean the general, and most often the tone-value structure of a picture.  “No” has the meaning of dark, saturated ink ( traditional japanese painting is mostly done in black-white ), while “Tan” has the meaning … More Working with No-TanĀ“s – value-scetches