New inspiration – Eyvind Earle

I recently bought an artbook of one of the artist I really admire – Eyvind Earl.
Even though my personal style in drawing and painting is very different, and of course, not as developed in skill jet, I really love the paintings of Eyvind Earl.
There are a lot of things I can learn from them, even though its not my particular style. For example when it comes to the clarity and beauty of his shapes and compositions.
I also love the more graphical style approach, that jet is still highly detailed.
Here are some impressions…

What a rich and lively texture on this one…the approach is very interesting also, as he seemed to work into one direction – from dark to light, often start with a big black block of form. That of course can be only done with opaque medium such as oil, acrylics or gouache and is not possible for an transparent medium like watercolors, where the approach works in the other direction – from light to dark…

Very clear blocking of form here. Also note the elegance in the shadow construction, bending over the form of the trees – and all of that achieved through a minimal set of values !
This one reminds me a lot about japanese woodblock-prints, the Ukio-E and some of the traditional japanese erotic Shunga-Prints. Eyvind Earle also worked a lot on printing Christmas-Postcards, what surely influenced his later works, especially in the reduction of and organization of values…

Immediately reminds me about the big wave of Hokusai. Its not very surprising that Eyvind Earls biggest success besides the USA was in japan, where people would surely felt some familiarity between their own picture culture and Eyvinds masterpieces.

Beautifull landscape, similar to the chinese Shan-Shui pictures…

One of the few nude-pictures he painted. Note the stamps on the background, that he used a lot…

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