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My sigil-method…

Sigil Magick is a visual form of magick.

It´s a encoding of a desire or a wish that is not readable to the intelectual mind, thus it can not be subject of the critical mind.

The idea behind sigil magick is quite simple.

Name a wish or a desire you would like to have fullfilled, and write it down.

There are a few things that should be considered here: first – remember to be responsable for your wishes. No one else is. Consider well if you would like experience desired reality.

Second: Wishes, as well as affirmations should always be written from the perspective of the wish already fulfilled – that is in a positive formulation and in the presence:

” I want to become lucid within my dreams” turns to ” I AM lucid within my dreams”

From this sentence wich could be used as a simple affirmation at this point, the sigil magick starts with encrypting the desire. The reason for this is, that whenever you see this desire written in front of you, or you speak it out loud, it can be understand by, and thus be subject of the critical mind.

If you say to yourself ” I am lucid within my dreams” you inner critic might turn on this phrase and tell you that you have not been lucid in the past, that you dont have the thing it takes to become lucid within your dreams, and that it is a futile wish to have. It might also kick in some fears, that you might experience unknown and strange things, or that you might get caught up in the dreamworld – fears that can be very far of the reality, but they fullfill their function to hinder yourself to put a step into the unknown and to experience your desires.

The way sigil magick deals with thi is the encryption of the desire that comes in multiple steps.

The first one would be to reduce the sentence to its single letters:


This combination of letters, now is a first encryption, but the rational mind that is also very good in finding patterns will have not a big hurdle to understand and read the meaning behind it.

So we dissolve the symbols of the letters and transform the sentence into another symbolic language:

There are different methods for this, and I will explain my own here:

In this method we will create a “Key” for the encryption. This key can be done by youself, following this instructions:

Create a matrix of dots, in a square of 4 x 4 dots, and another one of 3×3 Dots within this one – so you end with a isometric pattern like this:

This is the basic structure for the key.

To make it a useable key you will need to asign one letter of the alphabet to each dot.

It does not matter how you asign them, but make sure it is somewhat chaotic and not with a certain “rule” like the alphabet backwards or something similar…

For this pattern there is one dot missing for one letter – choose to leave out the latter that is used the most seldom in your language that you have formulated the wish in. In my example and as my mother language is german, I will leave out the “Q” wich is a very seldom letter in german and that can be represented otherwise, for example as “kw”.

The ready “key” looks something like this:

We can now use this key for the further encryption of our desire / wish, by encircle the dots that are asigned with the letters in our pre encrypted desire:


Which, without the letters looks like this for the key above:

It is quite important to remove the letters at this stage, so your rational mind can not remember the exact key easily. You can do this by eighter erasing the letters, transfering the encrypted desire to another grid without letters, or if you use a digital drawing device like I am, you can easily blend out the layer of the letters. Just make sure you keep the letters in a save place where you find them when you want to decrypt the sigil in future.

The next step is to create a form that is readable for the eyes. We do this by conecting the dots.

Although this can be done freely, there are however two rules for doing this:

The first is, connections can only happen from dot to not, not with jumping over one or multiple dots.

The second is, that the form should consist of a main-sturcture that can connect as many dots as possible, and one secondary structue that branches off from the main structure and connects viewer dots.

You can see my outcome according to this two rules here:

Now we could stop here and use the form as it is. However, the magical atmosphere and thus the power we asociate with this sigil will increase if we also pour in some dedication when it comes to aesthetics. This is done by removing the unnecessary dots and by rounding the form to a more organic and fluid look. Adding some minor twists and changes is not a problem, as long as the general structure of the form is hold intact:

To complete the sigil it only has to be framed.

For framing the sigil there are also two important rules:

First: The sigil has to be framed with a double frame.

The reason for this lies within the practicse of HOW we will meditate upon the sigil – we come to this later. For now, just keep in mind the sigil needs a double frame.

The second rule is, that various sturctures can be added ONLY from the inner frame of the sigel, to complete its negative space, but those MUST NOT touch the sigel structure itself !

Filling up the sigils negative space balances it out and also ads additional information to it and increses its decoding.

In this example I came up with this – please note how the outer frame does not touch the inner frame, and the filling forms only touch the inner frame and belong to it, but not the sigil-structure or the outer frame:

This sigil is now a vesel for the desire encrypted in and is used in meditation or magical rituals to represent the desire it contains.

For a explanation on how to work with this sigils, please read my other post.

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