She who is attracting…

Let the attraction work… This piece was created without a clear focus in mind – I just followd the process and messed aournd with different textures and patterns – just followes what attracted, me… Explore the Oracleia – “She who is attracting”


No Scetches were done for this one. I found out that I am not very good at “planning” my works. It´s more the way of “natural growing”, with all the mistakes that may happen that I like. So I start with a “wild” layer of traditional japanese Sumi Ink, and then try to “see” the … More Waterfall-kami


After a while, not being able to paint, I decided to finish this pice : Like most pictures I do this time, there was no sketch for this one. Unfortunately, I did no earlier picture of this painting. I just forget about that, while I am painting 🙁  Have to think about next time… I did … More Dreamwalk