She who is circling

Now, since I decided to go online with the Oracleia, I gain a lot of inspiration for the depiction of the Muses.This one is the “Muse of the circle”. Expressing her, or act like her gives me a lot of clarity on things that needed just a view “circles” to go over.She carries the meaning … More She who is circling

Sigil Magic

My sigil-method… Sigil Magick is a visual form of magick. It´s a encoding of a desire or a wish that is not readable to the intelectual mind, thus it can not be subject of the critical mind. The idea behind sigil magick is quite simple. Name a wish or a desire you would like to … More Sigil Magic

Lilith – The free

Digital painting of Lilith – the demonized light bringer, the free one, knower of the secret word that creates reality. Creating ones own reality that is experienced, symbolized by the self-creating snake…